Thursday, August 20, 2015

Another Chronology of the Flannaes: Why you should care

I've finally completed my annotated chronology of the Flannaes based on the works of an unnamed scholar or group of scholars/spies and translated by E. Gary Gygax in 1980, with a second edition published 3 years later.  Big deal you say?  So and so has already done this?  Ha!  Here's what's super cool about my version:

What's missing?
  1. I won't waste your time with all those made up events that may or may not have happened in the year -20,000 CY or whenever.
  2. In fact, I won't bother you with CY dates at all cuz all dates are given in Oeridian Reckoning (O.R.)*
  3. My chronology is not tainted with all the biased misinformation that has been published in publications such as From the Ashes, Living Greyhawk, or any of various modules.
  4.  My chronology is tainted with my own biased misinformation which, I'm certain you'll agree, is more informative and entertaining than anyone else's.
Anyway, you can download PDFs of it on my new downloads page.  Or at least I think you can.  Let me know if this is working or not, this is the first time I've tried this stunt.

*Why's that a positive feature when the rest of the world uses CY? A few reasons:
  • O.R. most closely conforms to the dates of the significant events detailed in the Chronology: it begins with the opening salvos of the Baksulian War in year 160, ending in 1220 with the apocalypse/publication of the Gaz, which is both economically as well as aesthetically pleasing; 
  • it avoids all the silly and mathematically challenging negative dating for events that happened before the arrogant king of Aerdy decided to make up his own calendar; and, most importantly, 
  • when looking at the Chronology in the Gazetteer or the 1983 Guide, the Oeridian dating is physically closest to the text--no need to scan across 6 columns of numbers to find the year the Age of Great Sorrow commenced (857 O.R.).

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