Check out these exciting prefab adventures from Dice Chucker Enterprises: Where Adventure Might Happen.

FU2 Series
FU2-1: Administration Building of Shame--The revered Academy of Thaumaturgical Magnetism is wracked by scandal, threatening to bring the august school to its knees and unleash chaos on the ancient city of Holmsmouth.  Can the players uncover the extortionist's plot and find out what really happened in the Chancellor's chambers on St. Gitworth's Eve?

FU2-2: Marching Band of Sublime Precision--The once lackluster Holmsmouth High School marching band is suddenly goose-stepping with exquisite precision and singular focus; there can be little doubt that the drum major has resorted to magickx most sinister. Can you save the souls of the city's youth and take the marching band to Regionals?

ATM Series
ATM1: Asylum of Turgid Munchkins--Though freed from the clutches of the malevolent Professor Ratwong's spell, the members of the marching band have disappeared!  They were last seen in the vicinity of the happeningest whorehouse in Holmsmouth.  Are you man enough to investigate?  Are you woman enough to keep the men focused?

ATM2: Abyss of Tumescent Malice--There's some bad shit going on underneath the city; do NOT go down there.  Stay the fuck out.  Seriously.

ATM3: Abattoir of Torrid Misanthropes  The long-awaited conclusion to the FU2: ATM sub-series!

ATM-PIN: Pinnacle of the Inglorious Nadir  The secrets of the ATM series unfold before if you can only locate the mythical Pinnacle of the Inglorious Nadir.  PIN is a whole new addition to the ATM franchise.

IBS Series
IBS1: Impregnable Barbican of Souls Kick off the IBS series with this harrowing escapade to the eponymous fortress.   

IBS2: Into the Blindheim Stronghold  Blindheim?! Did not see that coming. 

Coming this Fall (or Next Fall if it's already Fall when you read this) IBS3: Infidel Berserker Shitstorm!  Whilst you were sleeping off a 3-day bender, heathens have overrun the insurmountable Landwall of Holmsmouth and are now subjecting the outer precinct to slaughter, pillage and rapine.  Guess where you are:  that's right, you're in the shit.  If you cherish the sanctity of your hindquarters, get the hell out--now!  Easier said than done, especially when you're suffering from an ungodly hangover.  Where's an alchemist when you need one?!  This adventure module combines elements of roleplay, wargaming, and recreational pharmaceuticals.