Gaming Law Supplements

And from Dice Chucker Legal Publishing Division:

Filling the Gaps: Creating Law Where Chaos Reigns   
Tired of all these freeform, play-what-you-want roleplaying games?  Want some gritty rules to sink your teeth into at the gaming table?  This handbook shows you how to go about establishing a legalistic gaming environment in which to constrain your players' every action.

Intratextual Law in Old School Gaming 
Have your gaming sessions dwindled to hours-long sessions of nothing but seamless roleplay?  Have the non-comprehensive rules of the "Old School" left you with nothing to debate at your gaming table?  This essential guide to reading innuendo into the void will help spark rules-based arguments in even the most "Rules Lite" environs.

Ruleplaying Games for Players 
Thoroughly covers all the loopholes, contradictions, and anachronisms in the current version of Big D as well as every other D&D-ish game, be they commercially published or scribbled out on a few sheets of note paper by your uncle Phil back in '71.  Frighteningly thorough and joyously dense, you will find ways to obfuscate, curtail, and derail anything your DM tries to throw in your path. 

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