Monday, November 14, 2011

Seriously Cold Text Files

If you're still out there, let us know that you're ok, man.
Scottsz's old blog as well as his new tumblr site have disappeared from the interwebz.  Anyone know the story?  Was he just a figment of my imagination?  If you loved obsessing over old school TSR modules as much as I do, then you woulda' really dug his stuff. 


scottsz said...

Everything's cool - just detaching from regular blogging channels and helping out over at Chris K's Hydra Co-Op. I'm keeping my little Posterous micro-blog for little stuff.

The research will continue once things are set up at Hydra - and I'll be putting some hard data beneath our feet as we travel...

Timrod said...

Wooot wooot! Glad to hear from you and lookin' forward to whatever comes next.