Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hey Bob the Elf: You Looking for your old copy of B2?

If any of these characters sound familiar to you, then I think I have your copy of B2 Keep on the Borderlands:

Cleric the Cleric
Bob the Elf
George the Thief
James Bond the Assassin--Strangely, he has the lowest charisma on the entire roster.
Khon the Fighter/MU
Handy Smurf the ranger--Significantly, the next character in the lineup is a paladin named:
Johann--who was the smurfs' human ally in their ongoing war against Gargamel.
A pair of fighters named Fred & Barney
Higgens the Fighter/Thief--a Magnum PI reference?
Spock the F/MU who seems to have met his end; and
Jim the fighter

Besides being generously endowed in the ability department--several characters don't have a single ability score below 18--every single one of these genial dudes is described as being "Kind."  And while several of them have their "Place" listed as "Cave Chaos" others have "Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh"--including 007 and Spock--and yet others have their place listed as "Dungeon Death."  Wherever that is, I want to go there.


Zenopus Archives said...

Wouldn't you love to run B2 using these as the only NPCs available for hire?

Timrod said...

PCs: We're making a run at the caves of chaos and we could use a strong blade, wanna help us?

Handy Smurf: Ok, but I get all the magic items, precious metals, gems, and damsels in distress.

PCs: Damn, you're buff and charming.

Anonymous said...

Cleric Cleric is mad! -19 AC! And look at those stats!


Timrod said...

And yet, for a 14th level Cleric with a 20 Constitution, he's got a rather pedestrian hit point allotment