Thursday, March 14, 2013

Random Gonzo Encounter Tables

Here's the table I'm going to use in my next Gonzo campaign.  As you will see, the genre tables are not done yet, I've only managed the one for 007.

Random Encounter Genre Table:
  1. Roll on mutant table
  2. Roll on cyborg table
  3. Roll on Cthulhoid table
  4. Roll on James Bond table (see below)
  5. Roll on Nazi table
  6. Roll on evil smurf table
  7. Roll on Shakespearean table
  8. Roll on KGB Table
  9. Roll on Ruby Spears  table
  10. Roll on hillbilly table
  11. Roll on Thomas Pynchon table
  12. Roll twice--ignoring further 12s--and hybridize an encounter from two different encounter results, e.g. a roll of 2 and 6 would result in a cyborg evil smurf encounter.
Random James Bond Encounter Table:
  1. 3-18 glass-jawed flunkies
  2. High ranking SPECTRE officer
  3. save vs. traps or fall into a glass-sided shark tank
  4. Saucy tart with useful information; roll d6 for exposed cleavage/skirt length
  5. High speed chase in progress: (d6) 1-car, 2-boat, 3-helicopter chasing motorcycle, 4-motorcycle chasing skier, 5-skier chasing parachutist, 6-parachutist chasing helicopter
  6. CIA ally
  7. Attractive enemy agent of the opposite/preferred sex; save vs. libido or join enemy cause
  8. Tricked-out vehicle (d6): 1-car, 2-boat, 3-hovercraft, 4-snow mobile, 5-gondola, 6-blimp
  9. Secret hideout in (d6): 1-underwater dome, 2-mountaintop resort, 3-1970s Harlem, 4-active volcano, 5-capsized cruise ship, 6-aligator farm
  10. Heavily-armed person(s) (d6): 1-para-skiers, 2-kung-fu babes, 3-Cellist, 4-Clowns, 5-siren on a vengeance bender, 6-rogue triple agent
  11. MI6 crony: (d6) 1-Moneypenny, 2-Bill Tanner, 3-Judy Dench, 4-Q, 5-009, 6-Lazenby
  12. Non-Bondean spy (d6): 1-George Smiley, 2-OSS 117, 3-Sterling Archer, 4-Sarah Walker, 5-Scarlet Pimpernel, 6-Chuck Barris

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