Friday, December 20, 2013

d12 Dice Chucker Resolutions for 2014

Following Hill Canton's lead, and borrowing The Dungeon Dozen's format, here's a list of highly unlikely projects that I am endeavoring to complete in 2014 ... along with a consolation project that's just maybe a bit more likely to happen. 
  1. Complete even one of the modules from my publications list   ... or make a map of Holmsmouth, the de facto setting of of the ATM and IBS series of urban adventures.
  2. Dismantle Kickstarter   ... or continue to ignore its existence.
  3. Compile my Moathouse-Sample Dungeon thesis for my colleagues over at Zenopus Archives et. al.  ... actually this one seems pretty reasonable as is.
  4. Complete the T2-5 Against the Cabal of the Tamaracks series of postmodern Hommlet sequels ... or at least post my T1 modifications.
  5. Pay more attention to G+  ... or convince Rients to get his head back in the blogging business.
  6. Make DiceChuckathonCon V a reality ... or get the old gang together for the occasional game every now and then.
  7. Achieve global domination ... or submit application for Canadian citizenship.
  8. Finish off my Appendix N reading list ... or finish The Aeneid.  And maybe The Iliad.
  9. Complete the ol' Gigadungeon ... or hack it up and publish it piecemeal.
  10. Get in a hockey fight ... or learn to skate backwards. (see #7 above)
  11. Complete my revised History of Oerth  ... or re-format my annotated Oeridian timeline
  12. Rave like a madman about some oft-ignored quirk of the AD&D rules  ... or--wait a minute--that's what I do all the friggin' time. Who put this one in here?


grodog said...

I was just pointing some GH fans to your Moathouse/DMG Sample Dungeon/B2 wilderness analysis: I'd love to see a complied versions that's edited into a single Unfield Field Theory :D


Josh Tiscareno said...

"T2-5 Against the Cabal of the Tamaracks"

It amuses me that the title of this masterpiece keeps changing with every reference.

As a big fan of the Gygaxian modules, this stuff is right up my alley.

Timrod said...

I'm not entirely sure that all the name changes have been intentional, but if you find it amusing then I'll take credit for it.