Monday, September 28, 2015

Long Arm of the Outlaw: Thief-a-palooza Continues

Look at the reach on that dude!  He can stand perfectly straight and scratch the back of his knee without bending.  He can pick a pocket from the other side of the street.  He can open a trapped chest from the next room.  Who needs to climb walls when you can just reach up and haul yourself over the parapet?

I always wondered though, what's the deal with that little ringlet around his right bicep? Is it the captain's armband for some thieving competition? The last remnant of his shirt--the rest of it having been lost, along with his shoes, in a game of dice?


Lum said...

Oh, the arm band? That's his leather armor. AC 7 baby.

Timrod said...

Ha--it's AC 8 baby! You forget, this illo originally appeared in the AD&D PHB.