Sunday, January 24, 2010

L4 New Lendore Isles release

For those who know me well it will not come as a surprise when I confess that I am very nearly giddy with excitement about the news that Len Lakofka has released Module L4 Devilspawn and L4C—the Lendore Companion. I haven’t opened the files yet, but I read at Beyond the Black Gate that they offer a hefty amount of info on campaigning on the Lendore Isles and that they revisit the old Restenford/Garroten adventuring axis. Lakofka's L1 Secret of Bone Hill and L2 Assassin’s Knot—along with the World of Greyhawk Folio—have provided more fertile ground for my imagination than any other gaming accessories.

What I absolutely love about the Lendore series is the flavor of these adventures. I love that towns are such a prevalent part of Lakofka's adventures, I love the odd little NPCs who inhabit these towns, and I love the loose ends he left hanging in his two original adventures. More so, I’m glad that these loose ends have flapped freely in the breeze for nearly 30 years, as they have provided me with countless opportunity to attach my own tangle of webs.

And it’s for that reason that I am hesitating to open the freshly downloaded PDF that will potentially tie those loose ends off. Will he explain away the motivations of the mysterious party that has infiltrated the village of Garroten? Will we learn more about the participants in the siege of the castle on Bone Hill? Will the Duke of Kroten finally show his true colors, whatever they may be? I have too much invested in all the Lakofkaesque foibles of Lendore to lightly step across the threshold into L4. But I will.

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