Thursday, June 3, 2010

Up to Eleven!

Eleven followers!  I never intended to surpass James Maliszewski--the egghead laureate of the OSR--and his excellent Grognardia blog in popularity but watch out Jimmy, here I come!  Thanks to all of my devotees for opening yourself to public disgrace for being affiliated--even in such a tenuous, non-binding manner as the Google "Follow" function--with my halfhearted rantings.

PS.  I asked Google if they would change the title from "Followers" to "Sycophants."  They have not as yet responded.  Probably Larry and Sergey are mulling it over as we speak.


Boric G said...

I just had to say, I'm proud to be follower Number lucky 13.

Now, where'd I put that broken mirror?

Word verification: "togiverp"-- What a DM does for an exceptionally wonderful and inventive bit of role-playing at the table.

Timrod said...

Thanks, #13, glad to have you on board. I'll leave the ladder up for you to walk under whenever you come by for a visit.

Anonymous said...

Your writing is more succint, and more meaningful than what James writes. That's why I read on.