Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grievously absent from the blogosphere: DQ Anyone?

Does anyone blog about DragonQuest?  I've been beefing up my blogroll with non-D&D bloggers lately to better reflect the range of my gaming interests and, after D&D, the game I've played most is SPI's DragonQuest.  And although there are some misanthropic DQ boards and a load of pages dedicated to various people's adventure logs and house rules--like the unbelievably well done DragonQuest Frontiers--I can't seem to find anyone who, ya' know, just writes about DQ.  Sure, there's Greivous Injury, but that place seems to suffer from technical difficulties a lot lately.  Probably because they changed the spelling from the more appropriate--if technically incorrect--"grievious."  It's an unwritten rule of the game that, when playing, grievous is to be pronounced "gree-vee-us."

For those not in the know, the Grievous Injury Table was probably the most iconic feature of the game.  It was a table used to determine the effects of exceptional attacks on you and your opponents--a "critical hit" if you must.  The unpleasant effects of the grievous assault on your being were delivered with text that often sounded as though it was swiped from a deck of Community Chest cards written for a truly morbid Monopoly game: 

"Tsk Tsk.  A wound of the solid viscera.  Usually fatal." 
"Your aorta is severed and you are quite dead.  Rest assured your companions will do their best to console your widow(er)"
"A chest wound... your opponent's weapon is caught in your ribcage and has been wrenched from his grasp."

Anyway, if you never played, these were a few of the injuries you missed out on.


ADD Grognard said...

No blogs yet, but I did manage to scan bookmarks and came up with a fan page...hope it helps:

DragonQuest Fan Page by Snafaru

Timrod said...

Snafaru! Yes, thanks for reminding me. I think if you sniff around enough you can find the aforementioned Grievous Injury Table even.

Anonymous said...

Better question... are there blogs that just talk about ANY game other than D&D? Not many, I am guessing. D&D draws that out of people, especially now with all the very different editions.

Timrod said...

@Captain Anonymous: I'm gonna' start up a Gangbusters Blog just to prove you wrong.

Padre said...

Thanks for the mention. I have thought about writing how Dragonquest Frontiers came to be the site that it is, mainly by robbing D & D 3.X of a ton of ideas as well as any other system that offered some good ideas. I have set up shop with a new site