Monday, July 30, 2012

Level Titles: Blogger

Fortunately you don't need a sharp edge
to be a blogger.
I'm on vacation in a place far, far beyond the reach of the internet so please forgive this piece of filler that I wrote up 2 years ago and never bothered to post. See you in the new year! 

Blogger Character Class 

Level    Title    
1          Flatulent Typist  
2          Ingratiating Penster
3          Self-indulgent Hack
4          Poo Flinger
5          Bile Spewer 
6          Axe Grinder
7          Empowered Wingnut  
8          Adulating Gasbag
9          Bloviating Wordsmith
10        Livid Pustule
11        Florid Onanist
12+      Prolapsed Orifice

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