Thursday, August 15, 2013

Foundation and Star Wars: Episode II

It seems I jumped the gun with my last essay on the topic of similarities between Asimov's Foundation Series and the Wars Among the Stars films of Geo. Lucas: here's another scene from Second Foundation that even more closely resembles jedi mind trickery:

The set up (aka SPOILERS): Arcadia, a 14 year old girl from the Foundation, is pursued by the police force of Kalgan's First Citizen when she, literally, runs into kindly Preem "Obi Wan" Palver and his wife, at the Spaceport.  They take her in and help her escape the planet.  This exchange occurs when the Five-O catch up with them and demand Arcadia's papers (it should be noted that Asimov refers to Preem and his wife as Pappa and Mamma):
Helplessly [Arcadia] reached out and let the documents change hands.  Pappa fumbled them open and looked carefully through them, then handed them over.  The lieutenant in his turn looked through them carefully.  For a long moment, he raised his eyes to rest them on Arcadia, and then he closed the booklet with a sharp snap.
"All in order," he said.  "These are not the droids we're looking for."

Weird, right?

Also, a little later on, there's this Yoda-esque dialog between Preem"Pappa" Palver and his wife Mama while they eat breakfast: 
"It's bad enough they pay you what I'm ashamed to tell my friends, but at least on time they could be!"
"Time Shmime," said Pappa, irritably.  "Look, don't make me silly talk at breakfast, it should choke me each bite in the throat."
Oddly, this is the only occasion on which Mamma and Pappa Palver use the Yoda-speak.  It could be because it is the only time they are talking just between themselves and not in the presence of others, so they let slip the Yoda lingo.

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