Friday, September 27, 2013

30 Second Challenge

These self-indulgent 20-questions type circle jerk posts usually make me feel rather slimy when I take part in them, and the 30 day challenge is even more repugnant because it's, ya' know, dragged out over an entire month.   But since I like to talk about myself as much as the next guy, I'm jumping on the bandwagon anyway.  I haven't got a whole damn month to dedicate to this wankfest, so I'm going to crank the whole thing out in just 15 minutes.  That gives me 30 seconds per question, so here goes:

  1. How I got started: Holmes, December 1980; I was 11.  I had a halfling with a crossbow.
  2. Favorite playable race: Sub-half gnomes
  3. Favorite playable class:Thief.  Are there non-playable classes?
  4. Favorite Gameworld: Fronteirs of Alusia.  when I'm not trying to be obscure: Greyhawk
  5. Favorite set of dice/individual die: those waxy clunkers that came with basic D&D sets back in the late 70's and very early 80s/the 12-sider being the best of the bunch
  6. Favorite Diety [sic]: South Beachy
  7. Favorite edition: Hackmaster.  Haven't actually played it but any game that has barding for your dolphin on the equipment list has struck gold in my book.
  8. Favorite character played: My favorite character was a female elven f/mu.  She was the only femail character I ever had, was one of very few spellcasters, and she was an elf: I hate elves.  All those together made her pretty unique in the pantheon of my characters.
  9. Favorite character I haven't played: Finn the Human
  10. Craziest thing that's ever happened: no time for this one
  11. Favorite adventure you have ran [sic]: I "have ran"?  Who edited this list?
  12. Favorite Dungeon type/location: Urban Adventure
  13. Favorite Trap/Puzzle: Mouse/Jigsaw.
  14. Favorite NPC:Yahweh
  15. Favorite undead: the lowly skeleton
  16. Favorite Abberation: is Abberation an aberrant spelling of aberration?  Again with the editing.
  17. Favorite animal/vermin: Shrieker--I know it says "animal/vermin," but they don't have a fungal category--or an ooze/slime category for that matter.  Which makes me think maybe those things fall under "Abberation"?
  18. Favorite immortal/outsider: Uhhhh...  huh?
  19. Favorite elemental/plant: zzzzz ... next.
  20. Favorite Humanoid/natural/fey: Brownie.  No, pixie.  Ah, who cares.
  21. Favorite Dragon: Brass, cuz no one gives them any respect.  Seriously, can you name their breath weapon without looking it up?  Also, they tarnish easily.
  22. Favorite monster overall: Bulette.  I love anything that eats hobbits.  Ankhegs too.
  23. Least favorite monster overall: Drow. They might be more appealing if they regularly dined on hobbits.
  24. Favorite energy type: That wave-generated shit seems pretty cool.  Geothermal is nice too.  Solar would be awesome if we could count on the sun to be, ya' know, more present.
  25. Favorite magic item: +1 sword, sorry running out of time.
  26. Favorite non-magic item: Ballista
  27. Character I'd like to play: Thundarr the Barbarian
  28. Character I will never play again: Ookla the Mok
  29. Number I always seem to roll on 20-sider: 21.  Yes, I'm that awesome.
  30. Best DM I've ever had: Your mother. Boo-yah!
 And that's a wrap.  Thanks for stopping by everyone; have a safe ride home.


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