Monday, September 16, 2013

The Rain of Colorless Fire

Everyone's familiar with this famous photograph taken by one of the only survivors of the Rain of Colorless Fire on his way out of town:
What have we wrought?
Look at this dude's posture: he seems calm, one hand resting on the battlements, the other covering his downcast face.  Is this the posture of a man in shock or horror at the holocaust he is witnessing?  To me, his demeanor has always suggested that the Suel people knew that they'd earned this fate.  After the centuries of exploitation and tyranny and the Devastation they'd just Invoked, this dude's demeanor was evidence that the Suel knew that the time of reckoning had finally arrived.


ravencrowking said...

In DCC terms, he just rolled a "1" on his spell check and got the most catastrophic result possible....

Mystic Scholar said...

One, or even two, among the Suel might have had the humility to think that way, but I doubt the population as a whole did.

This guys does seem resigned to his fate, however, I'm thinking it's more of a "how could we let this happen" thing.