Monday, February 24, 2014

Combat Progression Table

While fighters get a bump at every level and bigger hit dice, in my mind, Clerics and Thieves are somewhat combat neutral: they get d6 HD just like normal people--they start at +0 and move up only every other level. 

Meanwhile, combat deficient MUs not only start in a hole but dig deeper as they progress in level.  This combat dissipation of the magickerial class is probably the result of tangling with eldritch powers or the painful piles they develop from sitting around blogging in all their spare time. 

Further to the footnote, the same principal of cumulative modifiers applies to T/MU and C/MU multi-classed characters.  Also, everyone knows that the highest level F/MU you could possibly have is a 7th/11th level elf, right? 


Lee B said...

I don't think I'd bury a MU past the point where even an 18 stat wouldn't help. You'd have to go into hiding after running out of spells.

Timrod said...

How many full-on MUs would even notice if this rule were in effect? At lower levels--when they might still be called upon to get their hands dirty--at -1, they're hardly buried. And by the time they've achieved complete combat ineptitude, they'll be wielding a sack of magic daggers tied to a staff of striking to make up for it. Besides, is running out of spells even conceivable beyond 8th or 9th level?

But really, the rule is meant to address F/MUs, cuz I always felt like tossing spells while wearing armor needs a relevant drawback.