Tuesday, February 25, 2014

OSR Resource: Printable Paper

If you have a stationery fetish like me, you need to visit this website toute d'suite:

You can get PDFs of the standard graph paper and hex paper but also all sorts of odd varieties including octagon graph paper, pentagon graph paper, logarhythmic graph paper, polar graph paper for the next time you go through Lolth's DemonWeb Pits.  Oh man, it just keeps getting better.  Shooting targets, chess boards, comic pages, music composition paper, storyboard templates, columnar pad paper for your accounting needs, knitting templates, calligraphy stuff, light blue paper with whit elines for folks who don;t like high contrast...  And, for you Euro-trashers out there, you can get much of this awesomeness in A4 size!

Did I mention this stuff is all free?  

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