Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Halflings II: Other non-fat haffies

Yesterday's undercooked post failed to mention the influence of Jeff Dee's buff little warriors on my conception of haffers though, clearly, if you've read anything on this blog before you'll have guessed that the ripped fuzz-foot from the cover of V. of H. could not be far from my mind.  [Thankfully Leicester came along to correct the matter in the comments section.]  Anyway, I was going to follow up with a splat-post of Jeff Dee's hobbit beefcake, but a quick internet search proved that Scott Taylor over at Black Gate already did that.

Also, B/X Black Razor's Hobbit Love post is in the spirit of the thing as well.  Ages ago, when I started playing thiefless-S&W White Box, I made halfers default rangers, who were basically sneaky fighters.*  Like JB Black Razor--and despite any previous reference to the boggies of Bored of the Rings--I don't particularly care for AD&D's klepto-rific scions to the kender.

*"But S&W White Box was also ranger-less" you say?  Read on.


Leicester said...

Thanks for the hat-tip! And yes, the Lampoon's boggies were the first thing to come to mind on yesterday's post... heh.

Peter V. Dell'Orto said...

Jeff Dee taught me that halfings are just pint-sized super heroes.

Patrick Halter said...

Have you seen what Dark Sun does with the halflings? It basically takes them and turns them into your worst nightmare from pulp about pygmies in the Dark Heart of Africa.