Friday, April 4, 2014

Moathouse Friday: The Lareth Conspiracy

A few things we know about Lareth:
Figure 1.  The vizor brings out the chaos in your eye.
  1. Lareth is never seen without a full-vizored helmet [Figure 1].
  2. Lareth is known to some within the Temple as "The Beautiful"--not an adjective typically preferred by men, who find terms like "handsome," "studly," or "well-endowed" more descriptive of their virility
  3. Shortly before Lareth arrived in the Hommlet vicinity, Y'dey vacated the Church of C'bert on her mysterious quest.
If you haven't already figured this out, I'll make it real simple for you: Lareth and Y'dey are the same friggin' person.

Furthermore: It is therefore almost certain that there is a deep-seeded and nefarious connection between the Temple of EE and the Church of St. C., perhaps running as high as the Prelate of Almor him(her)self!

Bonus Lareth Trivia:
"Lareth" is most likely an Oeridian bastardization of "Larix" which is the genus of the larch tree, also known as the tamarack.  It has been established that tamaracks grow in close association with chaos; see the K on the B-lands, as well as V of H, and Sample Dungeon of Evil Terror.


The_Myth said...

OMG! Lareth is really Y'Dey!


I was thinking of Terjon being a secret demon-worshipper, but this is EVEN BETTER!

grodog said...

Very interesting....


Mystic Scholar said...

Well, this is the first time I've heard this take on things.

In the computer, you start off by finding Y'Dey dead on the streets of Mitirk.

I suppose she could have faked her death. Yes? LOL

Gary said...



Timrod said...


I'm glad that someone around here grasps the gravity of the larch.