Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Olde Greyhawke Mappe

Great Kingdom Map, Gary Gygax, 1971, Territories of the Great Kingdom
Check out this early version of what would eventually become Gygax's World of G'hawk. Grodog sent me a link to it because, I suspect, he wanted the wingnut perspective on this thing. As you most likely recall, I ran a piece on the origins of the Oeridian people way back--seems like only yesterday, eh?

Anyway, my initial thought: See that valley in the mountains between Perunland and Neron March? Impact crater from the Oeridian mother ship, obviously.


Keolander said...

Given that the City of the Gods existed in Dave Arneson's Blackmoor campaign, its not beyond the realm of possibility that in published Greyhawk the Ancient Oeridians are of the same "tribe". The City could be where the major portion of the ship touched down and its inhabitants remained in hibernation until relatively recently. It would make for an interesting meta-campaign, following the trail of the Ancient Oeridians, leading from the "impact crater" to the spaceship in The Barrier Peaks to St Stephen the Rock and The Temple of the Frog until the penultimate showdown in The City of the Gods. Perhaps the clues left behind by the Ancient Oeridian alphabet match some Aerdy runes (or maybe the straight up alphabet). Maybe some words sound similar enough for a scholar to be able to speak with Sergeant Rocklin (or even other mutineers who fled The City to set up their own fiefdoms).

Mystic Scholar said...

Very nice indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Now to chew out Allan for not sharing with me earlier. Mwahahahahaha!