Lexicon of Caveman Lingo

Big D: n. 1. Dungeons & Dragons.  2. any of the official versions of D&D as published by the game's current or historical Corporate Overlords.  3. when prefaced by a definite article--as in "The Big D"-- The Invoked Devastation

Cool J: n. (derived from the acronymized form of "Labyrinth Lord" and an associated pop culture reference of the late 20th and early 21st century) n. the preferred term amongst elite role players for the person who runs the game. Formerly gamemaster, DM, referee, judge, et. al.

Dice-chucker: n. (from Eng. for "one who throws dice") 1. a person who relies on dice to resolve actions or situations, 2. a dungeon that involves lots of combat but very little opportunity for roleplay, 3. a person who mistakenly enjoys something for a reason other than why you think it should be enjoyed

Dicechuckathon: n., an annual role playing game convention held sporadically in various locations, mostly in North America. Since the initial event held in 1981 in Gananoque, ON, it has been held every year barring hiatuses in 1987, 1990-2004, 2007-09, 2014-15, 2018, and 2020-23. At its peak, it drew enough attendees to fill a really big table at the Royal Canadian Pancake House in Manhattan.

Dickhead Merit Badge: n., a badge awarded to dungeon masters for enforcing rules that make the game tedious to play or which limit player options in spiteful ways.

Fantastical Subterranean Medieval Combat & Treasure Seeking Role Playing Game: n. working title of the game rules that later became known as Dungeons & Dragons.  Also, the first recorded appearance of an ampersand in a game rules title.  Usually known by the acronym FSMC&TSRPG.

Fiver Basic: n. the basic rules for D&D's 5th edition.

gingerbread man: n. as in "You can't catch me I'm the --" in published adventures, a non-player character that the players are not allowed to mess with/gain further information from because he/she/it is possessed of  insurmountable means of eluding their grasp. Often these NPCs are protected by an MWF. The meaning can also be applied to NPCs who are inordinately powerful compared to the party as well as inanimate objects that are described as indestructible, immovable, or placed out of reach by all reasonable means of approach.

hench: v. to run a character as a hencher to your player character. As in, "I henched the cleric in the last campaign, it's someone else's turn."

hencher: n. a henchman or henchwoman; henchperson

k-jen: n. abbreviation for "Character generation"

left-map-centrism: the tendency to favor the left map--or western half--of the World of Greyhawk as a setting for your adventures.

Module Write's Fiat: n. a bit of text in a published module that forbids the PCs from following a course of action that they otherwise might reasonably pursue, for no other reason than that it will mess with the module's prescribed plot. Sometimes abbreviated as MWF.

pre-jen: n. abbreviation for "Pre-generated", as in the pre-generated characters often provided in the back of old-timey D&D modules.

RCF: n. abbr., Rain of Colorless Fire

RCPH: n., Royal Canadian Pancake House, whose mid-town Manhattan outlet was the host site of the 2015 Dicechuckathon. It ceased operation in 1998.

Surprise Party: n., an event occasioned by segment-based combat activity when one or more parties are surprised in AD&D.

Wizdom: n. obsolete, a measure of a character's capacity to focus or devote fully his or her mental energies toward a task, vocation, cause, code of conduct, belief system, or divine/malign force or being.